Telling Stories With Hand Shadow

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Teater Bayangan Tangan [Hand Shadow]

They are not material, they are shadows. But at the same time they are human in their actions and they are alive, because they are the shadows of human hands. This new theatrical system is particular interest to those artists who value the pure artistic form.

The unique arts of theatre from Georgia (pieces of Russia) perform in Rumah Budaya Tembi Yogyakarta, October 26. Unlike the actors in dramatic theatre, main characters of Budrugana are free of their bodies. This system is an organic blend of the characteristics and elements of opera, ballet, pantomime and animated films, based on the main principals of classical drama theatre.

This complicated blend that turn these seemingly simple and naïve hand silhouettes into the creatures with the most complex and intense feelings.

Ketevan Chitadzer, Public Realtion of Budrugana-Gagra said hand shadow theatre Budrugana was established in Tbilisi in 1985. The idea belongs to Gela Kandelaki, Georgian film director. They are visiting Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali) for their Asian program before performance in “Harmony World Puppet Carnival” in Bangkok, Thailand in November.

In Rumah Budaya Tembi Yogyakarta, they perform for two day with two stories. First day, Budrugana-Gagra will performance “The Four Seasons of The Year”. Present the story of a bear cub, who get him self into different adventures from spring through winter.

The second day, they are perform story about the person’s birth, childhood, love, parting, death, immortality of the soul, with the tittle “IsntThis A Lovely Day”. The play based on Africa folklore and jazz. Budrugana make a little workshop for audience who wants to know about hand shadow maker in afternoon.

With ten personals, Budrugana-Gagra is amazing and give a new performance for theatrical worlds. Their creativity and the story retold by the movements of the hands by well coordinated music and sound. There is nothing one cannot create with own hands. [rovitavare/jogjatoday]

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