Paskibraka; Forces of National Flag

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Paskibraka stands Forces National Flag with the primary task of flying the flag duplicate heritage in a memorial proclamation of Indonesian independence in the third place, the district / city level (Office of the Regent / Mayor), provincial (Governor’s Office), and the National (Presidential Palace). Its members come from the equivalent of high school students grade 1 or 2. Selection of members is usually carried out around April in preparation for hoisting on August 17.

Paskibraka idea was born in 1946, when the capital was moved to Yogyakarta Indonesia. Commemorate Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence RI-1, the President ordered one of his aides, Major (Sea) Husein Mutahar, to prepare a heritage flag in the courtyard of the Great Palace of Yogyakarta.

In 1967, Hussein Mutahar called the current president, Suharto, to handle inheritance flag raising more problems. With the basic idea of ​​the implementation in 1946 in Yogyakarta, he then developed more formation into 3 groups named after the number of members, namely:

Force 17 / accompanist (guides),

Force 8 / flag carrier (core),

Force 45 / bodyguard.

The amount represents the symbol of the date of the Proclamation of Independence, August 17, 1945 (17-8-45).

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