About Us

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Welcome to JogjaToday

We are an online media based on photos that documented art, culture and activities in yogyakarta and surrounding areas. An area rich in art and culture, a very special region in Indonesia.

Photo is a visual language and Yogyakarta has many stories that we have to lift it into a story through photos. JogjaToday invites viewers to enjoy these things through serving our photos, one way to tell a story and provide information on everything, people, nature, art and culture, or activities in Yogyakarta.

JogjaToday want to be a part of introducing life in Yogyakarta to the public, to those who have visited Yogyakarta even invite those who have never come to Yogyakarta. That Yogyakarta was indeed special.

So, hopefully you can enjoy it and bring more information about the viewpoint of Yogyakarta through the lens of our photographers. Thank you for your visit, we really appreciate it.