The story of Ramakien ( Kisah Ramayana )



Sommarnaka meets Rama and Tosakanth kidnap Sida, ​The curtain rise upon the forest in which Rama with his wife Sida and brother Lakshman are staying in the hermitage, at the behest of king Longka ,the land of demons ,Sommarnaka is Tosakanth’s sister has gone to the forest and meets Rama . She try to make love Rama but Rama haven’t accepted when Sommarnaka see Sida. She feels journey and hit Sida. Laksman come on and fight with her. Sommornaka has lost so Laksman cuts her fingers,nose,ears and feets .Sommarnaka has told about Tosakanth that she has hit by Laksaman and informs about Sida .
​Marici has assumed the disguise of a golden deer ,which being so beautiful catches the eye of Sida who beseeches her lord Rama ,to catch it for her. Rama in his pursuit eventually shoots the deer out of sight of his wife .The evil demon thus dying from his wound as he resumes his demoniac from utters a cry for help as if it were Rama .Sida send Laksman to his assistance .The latter ,thought suspecting foul-play ,yields finally to her importunity and leaves the hermitage .Meanwhile Tosakanth disguised as a hermit ,coming out of his hiding-place, makes love to Sida ; but ,finding her unresponsive ,drops the disguise and encounters abducts her to longka.

Performers (Suphanburi College of Dramatic Arts Thailand):
Pha ram ( Rama) ​​​​Dr. Suksanti ​​Wangwan
Pha luk ( Lakmana )​​​​ Mr. Navee​​ Sasongkroh
Sida ( Sinta)​​​​​ Miss Kanokwinee​ Jaruprakorn
Tosakanth ( Rahwana )​​​ Mr. Wanlop​​ Pumlachad
Sommarnaka (Demon)​​​ Mr. Wisit​​ Phanthongdee
(Sarpakenaka ketika menjadi raksasa)
Impersonated character from Sommarnaka​ is Miss Sunisa​​ Aimphun
(Sarpekenaka ketika menjadi putri)
Golden Deer (Kidang)​​​​ Miss Nongnapas ​Supwattanapaisan
Impersonated character from Tosakanth ​Mr. Anan​​Suksri
[yudhi kusvianto/jogjatoday]

photo by Yudhi Kusvianto for

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