Festival Winongo 2014

Festival Winongo adalah festival yang dilakukan di sekitar sungai winongo yang antara lain berupa Gelar budaya, sarasehan dan lomba-lomba untuk meramaikannya. Acara ini diadakan oleh FKWA untuk membangun kesadaran masyarakat sekitar bantaran sungai untuk...

Ngayogjazz 2014

Ngayogjazz 2014 “Tung Tak Tung Jazz” held at Brayut village, Pandowoharjo, Sleman, DIY which involving over 28 performers and hundred of official, locals and others. Even presented and packaged differently every year, but was held under the same concept of an enjoyable open-stage jazz event played by any musicians, collaborating with any genre of music, including traditional and the same goal familiarizing more people, especially in grass roots communities, with jazz, which is often seen as being high-end. [Erka Har]

Electric Off, Ngayogjazz Still On

JogjaToday – Festival Ngayogjazz first day filled with blackout lights at night. In between performances of jazz in Dusun Brayut, Sleman, Yogyakarta suddenly a power outage, Saturday (22/11). Consequently village into a dark atmosphere.

Tung Tak Tung Jazz

Removing Tired of 2014 Brayut village held a grand event Ngayogjazz  this year on November 22. Held since 2007, the festival has been claiming success in familiarizing more people, especially in grass roots communities,...

Scary Ghost Sightings

Kilometer Zero in Yogyakarta region was not only crowded by residents and tourists who want to relax and enjoy the citiscapes. But the area  attack too crowded and favored by a flock of ghosts.