Interestingly Bonsai Classes in Horse Racing

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One interesting appearance in the National Championship Horse Racing “Special” Hamengku Buwono X Cup in the arena of Sultan Agung, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Sunday (30/11) is a bonsai class. The racing class followed by 10 young jockey.

A Tropy of Suzuki Medan Jaya Group, Horse Dewi Sakti from Solo with Abi the jockey won first prize. Followed Mega Mendung from Malang, East Java, ridden by Elsa in the second position. While the third place achieved by jockey J.Pongoh from Bantul (Yogyakarta) with his horse “Naruto”.

Although still a teenager but a strong desire for achievement enviable. Equestrian, as well as sports entertainment is also a sports achievement. Just look at their expressions when racing, so serious and full of concentration.

Horse racing is not a sport that is cheap, but also less expensive when the talent already inside of the child. Practice diligently and often follow the championship will certainly produce good seed equestrian athletes. Young jockeys  who will be repeat its success for regions and Indonesia. [rovitavare / jogjatoday]

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