Buntung Bridge Renovation Completed Soon

Buntung Bridge- 2

Jogjatoday – Structuring roads and bridges in Yogyakarta began to appear realization. One of the bridges that are in the renovation is Bridge Buntung in Jalan Jati Mataram, Mataram ditch, Karangjati, Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman. The bridge construction is completed soon.

Work in conjunction with the renovation of all the way around Mataram ditch that extends from west to east in Kutu Dukuh hamlet, Sinduadi, Sleman. Takes approximately seven months, south side of the bridge has been impassable by vehicle, while the north side of the bridge is still in early stages of hardening of the road on Sunday (7/11).

Two bridges that later would facilitate cross-track access west to east or shortcut from Magelang Street KM 5 to Jalan Monjali or a shortcut to the University of Gajah Mada. It is expected this December has been completed and can be fully used by the vehicle. [rovitavare]

photo by rovitavare for jogjatoday.com

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