Bregada Holds Practice Ahead of Grebeg

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JOGJATODAY – Towards the tradition Grebeg Maulud, soldier Ngayogyakarta conduct exercises to prepare for the event in the North Square, Wednesday (31/12). Soldiers Ngayogyakarta Palace is a tool of defense and security of the region Yogyakarta Sultanate, which is divided into several unitary (bregada / brigade). They are soldiers who formerly used as an army, but now functioned as part of traditional ceremonies Grebeg.

Grebeg Mulud is ceremony originally were initiated by Sultan Hamengkubuwana I, the founder of Yogyakarta Sultanate to promote the Islamic faith. The main event of Sekaten is called the Grebeg Muludan that held in 12th day (exactly during the birthday of Prophet Muhammad) starting in 8:00 am. The main Gunungan (Javanese: mountain), a model of mountain made of sticky rice, sweets, various foods, crackers, fruits and vegetables, were guarded by 10 units of bregodo (brigade) of Kraton’s royal guards. [rovitavare]

photo by rovitavare for jogjatoday

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