Bekakak; Respect On Loyalty


Sleman- Saparan Bekakak is a traditional ceremony that is held every year in the month of Sapar in the Javanese calendar. The event was held in order to honor a favorite courtiers lane, namely Ki Wirosuto. Bekakak Saparan 2016 held in Field of Ambarketawang, Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Friday (18/11/2016).

It is called Saparan Bekakak because the ritual instrument includes the so-called bekakak bridal couple. This tradition is as old as the Yogyakarta Hadiningrat Royal Palace and it started with the story of a married couple who died in Mount Gamping.

About 250 years ago, when Sultan Hamengku Buwono (HB) I moved from his rest house in Ambarketawang to a new palace, there was a royal servant who did not move along with the Sultan and decided to stay in Ambarketawang.

His name was Ki Wirosuto. Together with the local people, Ki Wirosuto dug for limestone to build Yogyakarta Palace. However, their digging effort demanded many casualties including Ki Wirosuto and his wife, Nyi Wirosuto.

The sacrificial couple in Bekakak was not a real bridal couple. it was the doll of bekakak made of glutinous rice and brown sugar syrup. This bekakak doll was then sacrificed in Mount Gamping.

Although Gamping people no longer work as limestone diggers, this ritual is still performed. Most people still believe that the ritual of slaughtering bekakak doll will prevent them from the disturbance caused by Bekasakan Devil. This ritual is held on Friday, between the 10th to 20th of Shafar month.

 Nowadays, Saparan Bekakak ritual becomes one of the main tourism attractions in Sleman Regency which has gone national. In every performance, thousands of people crowding the road to watch. [rovitavare/jogjatoday]

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